Finnish Partner

The Korkalovaara comprehensive school is the largest integrated comprehensive school in Rovaniemi. We have about 720 pupils studying in grades 1-9 (grades 1-6 220 pupils, grades 7-9 500 pupils), about 60 teachers and 20 other staff members in our school. The school is located in the heart of Korkalovaara in Miehentie, 2 kilometers from the city centre.

Our school enhances the students to become active members of society and learners who are well-versed in this ever-changing world. Our school’s operating culture promotes the students’ involvement and wide-ranging expertise. Innovation and sustainable development determine our school’s way of acting.

All schools in Finland follow a national curriculum, which includes the objectives and core contents of different subjects taught in school. The objective of Finnish basic education is to support pupils’ growth towards humanity and ethically responsible membership of society and to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed in life. If you wish to read More about Finnish school system and the national curriculum, please see

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