The first project result (for the local level activity A1) was the project logo. After the selection in each partner school, the winning logo proposals from each country were submitted.

At a partnership level, all partners voted the winning logo. The final project logo which will be used further on is the Romanian logo proposal.

The project result for the local level activity A2 was the 2020 Calendar created by the Polish partner with photos from the meetings with local entrepreneurs in each partner country:

You can access the Calendar here

A3-The previously acquired knowledge and skills were used by the students during a debate. Before the debate the students had to watch presentations about businesses: After having watched the presentations the students worked in pairs in order to find the advantages and disadvantages of the two businesses. Afterwards the students voted one of the businesses. Thus, the same students were asked to create a comic book.

A4-Study visits and interviews

The local level activity A4 was carried out. Each partner school organized meetings with the local entrepreneurial community representatives in order to allow students to get to know local entrepreneurs and to observe various examples of good practices. The students visited local businesses, such as: restaurants, nail beauty salon, car service, an orchard, bakery, dental clinic. Each partner provided the Polish partner with photos from the activities, a short description of the activity, but also students’ impressions after the activity.

Two of the previously visited entrepreneurs have been interviewed by the students in English, at their location in order to find out more information about their business. The previously acquired information in the business department were useful in creating the questions for the interviews with the entrepreneurs .  

Interviewing Ungureanu Denisa.
Interviewing Milutinov Dușco.