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The total amount of students divided by educational level is: 150 preschoolers, 300 primary school students, and 199 secondary school students. Also, starting from 2018, we are facing a new challenge as new students from the Pentecostal Care Home “Casa Sperantaˮ enrolled in our school and other are about to do so in the future months.
A number of 46 teachers work in this school, most of them are locals and 85% of them are full-time teachers, thus the educators’ fluctuation is very small, even among the substitute teachers. The school meets state-defined teacher quality having 40 fully qualified teachers, 90% of them having completed continuous training courses in the last 5 years, 2 teachers have a Ph.D., 16 teachers have a didactic degree I, 6 have a didactic degree II, 9 have a definitive degree, 7 are substitute teachers and only 4 teachers are unqualified. The school also has non-teaching staff and auxiliary personnel. Also, being a public institution there is no unpaid staff.

The school only operates during morning hours (8 to 14), as we have enough classrooms available. The school provides both teachers and students with adequate educational material resources. The school has 3 laboratories (for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), 3 specialized classrooms (for History, Mathematics, and a methodical one), 2 computer rooms (15 computers each) and a Documentation and Information Centre (CDI). All computers have an Internet connection. In order to improve both the material resources and the quality of the educational process, we have implemented 5 projects in the last 8 years, 4 of them having European funding. Also, the students are involved in many extra-curricular activities during the entire school year. The students in our school are represented by a student council. Under the coordination of a teacher, this council promotes the personal development of all the students, volunteering activities and community involvement. The main goal of the student council is defending and promoting student rights and interests and involving students in both the educational process and social and cultural life.

Our school’s activity is mainly focused on the student, meeting all his needs and helping him face the changes in his social and economic environment. The school’s management team and all its employees are sensitive to the entire community’s problems, from the students to their parents. Therefore the school organizes parent-teacher conferences, provides counseling for the parents, and organizes extra-curricular activities in partnership with parents and local community representatives (various contests, thematic fairs, festivals, and sports competitions). Also, by the students’ council proposal, the school organized volunteering activities for the elderly and for low-income families.

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